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About Us

In Spanish, Amigo is used to refer to a friend.

We have taken the name as inspiration to build the best coworking office in Noida. Amigo is where creatives, individuals, free lancers, self employed, students, designers, artists and more get together under one roof and create something BIG. The idea is to build a community the likes of which have never been seen before.

In the ever changing world of economics, there is a need for more shared office spaces that deal with the demands of one or more individuals. By providing state of the art furniture, a friendly and hassle free working environment, creative interiors – we at Amigo, hope to overcome challenges faced by individuals looking for a place to think, create, diversify and challenge their own output, creative and otherwise.

Noida-based Amigo is our pilot branch and we aim at being the best shared office space in Delhi NCR. Noida is a busy public hub and we are located centrally on the main road (just a few meters from PAYTMs offices).